Our goal: to be an ICONIC Filipino brand

“My goal is to design an ICONIC Filipino brand.

I know that that’s tricky to say at the start of anything, but I am saying it anyway. 🧡 My goal at every turn as a designer is to make sure that all the details are grounded on authentic #Filipino culture, heritage, thoughts, and feels. Those, I think, is the recipe for designing something meant to last. Trends are fun and cool, but for our brand, #kapetayo #coffee, we are here for the long term and onwards for our next and coming generations to experience and share our Filipino warmth with every cup. Ganito kami magkape!

Brian Tenorio
CEO & Founder
KapeTayo Coffee

#FilipinoCafeCulture — a movement


We’re starting a movement! This is our chance as a community to start and create a new Filipino Cafe Culture that is based on consideration and respect.

❤️❤️❤️ This is my new program for#KapeTayoCoffee – I hope this also helps other dining establishments in the country.

I like the idea that one day, we shall have our own CAFE CULTURE in the Philippines that we can be proud of, something that we can share with the rest of the world and say, “when in the Philippines, this is how we have our coffee” – a real and true undertaking of respect and consideration, and actually, what effective hospitality means!

*Na kapag pumasok ka sa isang cafe sa Pilipinas, alam mong SAFE SPACE ito at resrespetuhin ka ng mga katabi mo, at igagalang ang iyong pagkape whether alone or with friends and family.

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Christmas 2018 Coffee Giftpacks

KapeTayo Cofee Christmas 2018 Giftpacks are now available.

  • Three (3) 100g-packs of ground coffee in each bag
    • Kape ng mga Pogi (our famous houseblend)
    • Barakong Totoo (100% premium Barako/Liberica coffee)
    • Inspirasyon (100% premium Arabica coffee)
  • Comes in a Filipiniana-popculture marketbag
  • With KapeTayo Coffee brand insert
  • Php 817/set (VAT inclusive)
  • Free delivery within Metro Manila for orders of 20 bags or more
  • We can deliver even in hundreds of sets at a time
  • We accept bank deposits/wire transfers, GCash payments, in-store payments
  • Please send orders/inquiries to business@kapetayo.com

Our Advocacies

The KapeTayo Coffee brand promotes several advocacies:

Filipino Design & Culture
Gender Diversity & Equality
Climate Change
Free Speech & Human Rights

The CEO of KapeTayo Coffee, Brian Tenorio, is also the Chair of the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Read more about their organization here.

If you have suggestions or ideas on how the brand can improve in supporting these advocacies, please email info@kapetayo.com. Thank you.