#FilipinoCafeCulture — a movement


We’re starting a movement! This is our chance as a community to start and create a new Filipino Cafe Culture that is based on consideration and respect.

❤️❤️❤️ This is my new program for#KapeTayoCoffee – I hope this also helps other dining establishments in the country.

I like the idea that one day, we shall have our own CAFE CULTURE in the Philippines that we can be proud of, something that we can share with the rest of the world and say, “when in the Philippines, this is how we have our coffee” – a real and true undertaking of respect and consideration, and actually, what effective hospitality means!

*Na kapag pumasok ka sa isang cafe sa Pilipinas, alam mong SAFE SPACE ito at resrespetuhin ka ng mga katabi mo, at igagalang ang iyong pagkape whether alone or with friends and family.

Please help us get this out. We can do this! Thank you/Maraming salamat po.

Brian Tenorio
KapeTayo Coffee

* * * * * * * * *

Let’s try these out:

1. Share a seat, win a friend. By staying in our cafe, you understand that it is ok to share tables with others, and that the casual HIs and HELLOs are cool and ok. We shall have baskets ready for your bags if you wish to place them on the floor under your table (better than on another chair).

2. To maintain the quality of our offerings and dining atmosphere, please do not bring in food from somewhere else.

3. Staying extendedly for very long periods of time at your table doesn’t let other people enjoy the space. We’ve got a beautiful and inspiring view. Let’s have other people enjoy the space for their own thinking-alone time or for great conversation with family and friends.

4. Please do not leave your things unattended. The staff can’t be held responsible for your items. Tables left filled-up will be cleared out 15 minutes after being left unattended. Your stuff can be picked up from our staff at the counter after.

5. This is a SAFE SPACE for thinking, conversation, and being yourself. Be and act however you want and the same way you want to be treated by others as well. ❤️ Have fun!

If we want our country and society to succeed, we can start with the smaller things in our daily lives and how we are with one another in our community’s public spaces.
Tell us what you think! Our #FilipinoCafeCulture project is a work in progress, and your input and suggestions are very much needed! Email us via business@kapetayo.com.