Partnership and Franchising

The KapeTayo Coffee Franchise System was developed to be one of the easiest ways* for you to have your own cafe here in the Philippines (*compared to the selection of major cafe franchising systems in the region).

The partnership (franchising) fee ranges from Php 100,000 to Php 250,000 depending on the store type and size (as of June 12, 2018).

Partners shoulder and cover for the construction and build of the coffee space, along with contracting and managing the lease for their space (from 50K+ for a KapeCart to 250k+ for a KapeKiosk, to 750k+ for a full-sized Kapihan/Cafe Store).

The due diligence in finding a space and determining the feasibility for that space is with and by the Partner.

Partners are encouraged to design their space to match and adapt to the culture of the community and environment. There are branding guidelines for all new spaces – available from our KapeTayo HQ.

Royalties as a percentage of sales by the branch will be remitted monthly to KapeTayo Coffee HQ. Please contact our HQ for the current rates.

Please send an email to for more information about partnering with KapeTayo Coffee.