LGBT Cafe — 1994

Brian Tenorio : I was in a conversation yesterday and my friend and I realized that an LGBT-Cafe (whether themed, owned, managed, oriented, etc) is a cafe space for everyone, not just for LGBT (and of course! 😉 ) But even so, we felt like it should be good to say it explicitly somehow.

* * *
EXTREMELY EXCITED to announce our new vision for KapeTayo Coffee’s #MAGINHAWA branch — a place for great conversations and introductions, #LGBTcafe

We are looking for partners to set up an LGBT Cafe in Poblacion, Makati (a KapeTayo Coffee branch). This branch will be different from the other branches we have because:


  1. It will be an LGBT cafe (owned and operated).
  2. It will be the first LGBT cafe in the Philippines.
  3. It will be a great meeting place for locals and visitors, especially those based in Makati, the central business district of the Philippines.
  4. It will be a great pre- and post- party/clubbing place for LGBT and LGBTok friends.
  5. The build and feel will match most casual dining establishments in the Poblacion area.
  6. In the daytime the cafe is a fun looking coffee shop situated in a club space. At night in transforms into a bar cafe (dimmed lights, cocktails, bar food etc).
  7. Community meetings can be held in the space during daytime.
  8. The cafe will feature extremely strong wifi for its guests’ social media fix.

Cafe 1994 by KapeTayo Coffee
Poblacion, Makati

We are currently looking for locations in the Poblacion District in Makati.

The area is a club/bar location with a 70sqm space that needs to be re-fitted to have a cafe ambiance. The cafe space will be at the second floor and will have an access door through the first floor. It will be a “secret cafe” of sorts as one has to go through the club to enter the differently-themed cafe space above. The cafe space will be great for conversation and will have maximum effect for gorgeously lighting faces. The cafe will be open afternoons until 3am. This location is few blocks away from Makati Ave by Century Mall.The cafe for this area will be called “KapeTayo Coffee RAINBOW NIGHTS” (or of a name with a similar vibe). The price level will be accessible and almost the same price as Starbucks — with more of food selections; also food will be of Filipino and fusion pegged similarly to the modern and hipsterish Filipino cafes in Manhattan/Brooklyn, New York. Vibe will showcase a level of equality via food selections — not snobbish and accessible to most, an equalizer of sorts.

To renovate and fix up the space to make it into a workable coffee space plus other startup costs would be a total of  not more than Php 2M approx (capex and opex for several months). We are looking for two (to three partners) at Php 1M (less if three) investment + strategic operations work (will lead in running the operations) for 75% of the business (this space). Those with experience funding/leading food operations or those who own similar businesses are preferred. KapeTayo HQ to have the 25%.

We also could have investors who participate by investment only (funding the business) and will occasionally bring in friends and groups to go to the cafe. Participation this way starts at Php 50ok per investor at a smaller amount of percentage ownership (to be determined).

*Please note that the terms in this page are not final.