Tagaytay Branch

Map illustration above is from the area lessor.

This is the actual property (with the green and yellow gate). Currently being remodeled and will be ready by first half of October 2017.

The space above was offered recently to KapeTayo Coffee. To create and fix up the space to make it into a workable coffee space plus other startup costs would be Php 700k approx. The structure is currently being renovated to also accommodate a bed and breakfast at the back area. There will be two dining establishments in this structure (KapeTayo is one of them). The rent is pegged at Php 300/sqm, at 100sqm = Php 30k or so, monthly.

We are looking for an individual or small group (as one company) to franchise/co-own the space with us and to fund the Php 700k set-up and first few months operations cost. The partner/s are asked to fund the set-up and first few months operations cost + strategic participation/operations work for 80% of the business (this branch). KapeTayo HQ to have the other 20% of the ownership. The branch will be a franchise entirely ran and operated by the franchisee. Operations details are negotiable. We are open to better ideas.

The location is a 5 min walk to Starbucks on the same road, around 350 meters. It is around 200 meters away from Estancia Hotel and Resort on the same road.

HIRAYA BAKERY is our adjacent neighbor in the space. Rendering is from property developer.

Reference to show parking for customers.

Here are some pegs for the interiors and display: